Game Day: (Providence) Bruins vs. Capitals -- Pre-season

Game Day: (Providence) Bruins vs. Capitals -- Pre-season


Game Day: (Providence) Bruins vs. Capitals -- Pre-season


Johnny Boychuk destroys Ovechkin

The Providence Boston Bruins fly south to take on the Washington Capitals in their fourth pre-season game. As reported by yesterday, the Bruins are fielding a very young roster tonight against the Caps.

“We may go to Washington tomorrow giving some younger guys another opportunity to be seen. We’ll be giving some of our older players, players that have families, the opportunity to stay at home and have that day.” — Claude Julien

Fluto of figured that’d mean we’d all get to see Seguin play center tonight, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Of the 21 guys suiting up tonight, only 10 played on the big boys squad last year.

Could be Julien wanting to get a better look of his younger players to help make personel decisions.

When it comes to the defense being light on strong veterans, we figure it’s because the Bruins want to know what it’s like to be the Capitals during the regular season.

Zach Hamill will get his chance to shine on the first line with Lucic and Marchand. We think the only reason Lucic, Thornton, Stuart and Boychuk are all suiting up tonight is to make sure Oviechicken doesn’t take advantage of the young Bruins and slew foot them all into an early retirement.

Haggs had an interesting tweet this afternoon:

Tonight’s game isn’t being televised… again. NESN’s really starting to disappoint us. We’ll search for a place to stream video of the game online. If you know of a place, mention it in the comment section. 98.5 SportsHub should be streaming audio of the game. At least they don’t suck.

After the jump… tonight’s project roster, Game Day Links and “vintage” Bruins/Caps fight video.

Bruins roster:

Lucic – Hamill – Marchand
LoVecchio – Colborne – Wheeler
Paille – Campbell – Ryder
Reich – Smith – Thornton

Hunwick – Boychuk
Stuart – Kampfer
Bartowski – McQuaid


We’re hoping some of Boychuk’s awesomeness rubs off on Hunwick.

Game Day Links:

We present to you… Oalie the Goalie vs. his best man, Lord Byron



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