King responds to Freeney

King responds to Freeney


King responds to Freeney


He says he gets hurt too much

DWIGHT FREENEY DOESN’T LIKE MY OPINION. Any response to Dwight Freeney’s comments in the Indianapolis Star regarding your NFL Preview?
— Joe Hoffman, Indianapolis

I heard Freeney was upset about me not calling him one of the best five pass-rushers in football, and ridiculing me for putting Brian Orakpo on the list and not him. I like Freeney a lot, but understand what that list was. It was a list not just for today; it was a list for today and the future. Freeney’s 30, and he’d missed 10 games over the last three years, and I always worry about the athletic pass-rusher once he reaches the point of his career where Freeney is. Will he be a strong pass-rusher for the next, say, three years? Who knows? I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

10 games over the past three years?  Seven of those came in one season, Peter.  Three years ago.  Not a good answer.

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