Shaq: "I would have played for free"

Shaq: "I would have played for free"

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Shaq: "I would have played for free"



“I had other options where the money would have been greater. But this franchise, this team, has a tradition of winning,” said O’Neal. “I’ve been one of the luckiest guys in the history of the game. I’ve had four max deals and one lifetime of play. So money wasn’t an issue. Money will never be an issue. ButDanny Ainge had $1 million left, which was the minimum. If I had to, to come here and play, I would have played for free. Doesn’t matter to me.”

Shaq on D&C: 'I would have played for free' in Boston

Nice thing to say there for Shaq.  Really, there's not much to add to that.  There's a lot of interesting tidbits in that interview so check it out.  I liked this part:

You don’t drink at all?




Not a beer?


Not curious?

No. Not allowed to.

Your faith?

No, I’m the son of a military drill sergeant. He would kill me.

He doesn’t drink?


I didn't realize that Shaq doesn't drink.  Good for him.  And good for us… that just means there's more for the rest of us.  Which is good… because there's no way I can get through a day at Red's Army HQ with Chuck without a few drinks in me.

Side note:  That's one of the greatest Media Day photos of all time. 

Associated Press Photo

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