Silver Bullet Points- Beginning of the Big T1e1n’s End

Silver Bullet Points- Beginning of the Big T1e1n’s End

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Silver Bullet Points- Beginning of the Big T1e1n’s End


The quarter's so you can call for help...

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report- Dorian Bell and Travis Howard should be back this week, and Chimdi Chekwa is expected to go on Saturday, even though he’s been hampered by back spasms and so forth.  Jake Stoneburner is still questionable; the high ankle sprain won’t be fully diagnosed until later in the week. Remember when the question about the tight end was whether or not Ohio State would throw to on?
  • Hate to Say We Told You So- Coach Tressel spoke briefly about Illinois student athlete Justin Green, an Ohio State verbal who only switched over to the Illini after he was told that he would be playing running back. The Buckeye staff had been up front that they saw him as a corner, so there’s got to be a little bit of wistfulness from Green, who’s at corner and could be making a difference for a team ranked #2 in the country.
  • Tress Talk They don’t call him the Senator for nothing- here’s thoughts on EMU

I think when the score got up there pretty high, there was 9:35 left in the game and to me it would be more insulting to take a knee at that point in time, but again, I’ll say this, I think Eastern Michigan is coming along. I think they’re going to be a much better football team. You can see some good, young guys and do I like the fact that the score ended up what it did? No. Am I disappointed that we let our second and third team guys go in there and try? No. I mean, that’s what they’re allowed to do. It just unfortunately unfolded that way.

  • Tress Talk, The Sequel- In talking about the Illini, The Vest said

And interesting thing, the guys in our locker room who were ages 18 to 22 or whatever, in their lifetimes, we’ve played Illinois 19 times. There was a point in time where it was our longest running rivalry until, I think, 2003 or 4. 2003 was the last time, we didn’t play them for many, many years, but we’ve played them many times in our guys’ lifetimes and the record is 10-9. So in our guys’ lifetime, they’ve known full well that the Ohio State-Illinois game is a big deal and there have been battles and they know we’re heading on the road. They know we have to get to work this afternoon to prepare.

  • Tressel’s Komedy Klassic- This week’s “probably out of context quote” from the press conference, presented without commentary (thank goodness):

“Sacks don’t grow on trees.”

  • Award Winners- Basil, Sanzenbacher, Boren, and Simon were acknowledged for their game efforts; Jermale Hines was the Attack Force player of the week. Pryor didn’t have a “winning performance”, and should be moved to wide receiver (I keed, I keed).

Other Buckeye News

  • Statistically Speaking- In his career at Ohio State, Jim Tressel led teams are 58-0 when they score 30 points or more? This season, the Buckeyes are averaging 49 points per contest (41 points if you don’t count the EMU game)- we’re watching something really special this year, folks.
  • Numbers Don’t Lie– Jury’s still out re: my hips. Anywho- The Eastern Michigan victory was Jim Tressel’s 98th at Ohio State. Barring an asteroid strike or some sort of event, coach will gain his hundreth Buckeye win some time this season.  We’ll obviously have some sort of celebration hereabouts… more cake, I’m told.
  • Great Story- Devier Posey in ASL class, courtesy of Fox Sports Ohio


  • Holding Firm- According to Gene Smith, the Big T1e2n is done expanding, unless someone approaches them. Seems a bit junior high to me… “Do you like me? ‘Cause I like you…”
  • La la la la…. I can’t hear you…- Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer talks about the great season that Nebraska is having this year, and speculates that it could end up with a game in Glendale against the Buckeyes.  *Sigh…
  • That’s One Way To Look At It– Speaking of the Big Twelve-2, it’s “Red River Shootout” week. While no where near as significant as The Game, it does bring one important thing to the world of college football: Shaggybevo’s MS Paint Thread about the game. While in MS Paint, it’s got some NSFW language and such, so be advised. But, it does include awesomeness like this:

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