Twin killing: Yankees go up 2-0 against Minnesota

Twin killing: Yankees go up 2-0 against Minnesota

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Twin killing: Yankees go up 2-0 against Minnesota


I’m very happy the Yankees have won the first two games of the ALDS, and I’m particularly happy that Curtis Granderson and Lance Berkman were the big hitting heroes last night. (Not to mention that Andy Pettitte stepped up bigtime!) I heard that John Sterling said “Sir Lancelot Does It Again” about Berkman’s homer!

But I did feel a little sorry for the Minnesota Twins yesterday, especially after hearing about all the steps they took to exorcise the demons after Game 1: Ron Gardenhire burned his uniform, Orlando Hudson’s family did a prayer group, the players didn’t eat that their usual waffle house, team leader (yes!) Carl Pavano suggested that they switch up the uniforms, etc., etc.

And while their fans did those idiotic “Yankees suck” chants, at least they are loyal, knowledgeable fans who show up to support their team, unlike what Tampa Bay has.

Yet the results were the same for the Twins, despite them yet again taking the lead first. Hopefully, the Yankees will put the nail in the Twins’ coffin tomorrow (after 2004, I never stop worrying until the series is over, even if it’s against Minnesota!) Never say never. Who would have thought that the Texas Rangers, who had won exactly one playoff game in three tries, would be up 2-0 against the Rays? Even DJ Kitty couldn’t get the job done for Tampa so far!

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