Ndamukong Suh Eats Subway’s Breakfast; Plans to Eat Giants’ Lunch

Ndamukong Suh Eats Subway’s Breakfast; Plans to Eat Giants’ Lunch

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Ndamukong Suh Eats Subway’s Breakfast; Plans to Eat Giants’ Lunch



Welcome to Suhbway, may I take your order? Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity to partake in a promotional event for Subway’s breakfast menu with the Detroit Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Suh is known as being one of the strongest linemen in the league, so naturally the PR firm in charge of the event, Catalyst Public Relations, chose to invite one of the strongest blogs in the league – Detroit4lyfe. Other bloggers in attendance: Isaac from Guyism, Big Al from The Wayne Fontes Experience, Ty from The Lions In Winter and Goergs from IASID. I don’t normally write/report for D4L, but when Bob Biscigliano selected me to attend the occasion on D4L’s behalf, I was thrilled. I mean Columbus wasn’t looking for America (518 years ago to the day) but that seemed to work out for everyone.


The day started off with Suh showing off his abilities as a Sandwich Artist (clip of saving silverman) while making a sandwich for Fox 2 reporter Al Allen. Al commented on how well Suh was doing behind the counter:

Al Allen: You’re really good at that!
Suh: I think I’ve mastered the art, I’ve watched it so many times.
Suh (to Subway employee): You have a job for me?
Subway Employee: I don’t think it will match your salary, but sure.


Next, everyone followed Suh over to the dining area where a laptop was set up for a Skype call with the New York Giants DE, Jason Tuck.


Unfortunately, Tuck was slow getting through the line and couldn’t make it to his NY Subway restaurant location in time for the call. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as it gave on-site bloggers chance to ask Suh some questions.

I inquired if he received any grief in the locker room for not returning his interception for a touchdown on Sunday vs. the Rams. Suh replied that Corey Williams had made fun of him for not taking it all the way to score. In Suh’s defense, he had to run “at a funny angle.”

Another fellow blogger mentioned Alphonzo Smith’s – Carlton Banks touchdown dance and if Suh had a special dance planned for when he finally crossed into the end zone. Suh claimed he didn’t have anything planned yet but “maybe [he’ll] just do the Erkle or something.”

When asked about his allegiance to Subway, Suh stated he would “definitely be up for [his] own Subway commercial. [He] was talking to Mr. Strahan the other day about that.”


Suh continued to answer a number of questions regarding the preparation for the Giants matchup this coming Sunday. He responded to the rapid-fire questions thoughtfully and humbly, all while giving off the confidence of a 10-year-veteran.

A reporter in New York pointed out to Suh via Skype the history of rookie defensive tackles requiring several years in the league in order to mature. To which Suh responded, “I really don’t look at history too much. I plan to make my own history. That’s something we are really doing here in Detroit – we’re not looking at the past, we’re looking at the present and are working towards the future.”

If attitudes are contagious, I would hope that Suh’s can spread to the rest of the team and to the city, for that matter. For with this kind of positive attitude there’s no place to go but up, unless you’re going down to the Subway, of course.

-Chucky T. McRobbins

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