So Ron Gardenhire won Manager of the Year

So Ron Gardenhire won Manager of the Year


So Ron Gardenhire won Manager of the Year


Isn’t THAT interesting.

But hey, he really earned it this year. He had a dramatically increased payroll, a weak division, greater rotation stability, and Joe Mauer for the entire season, but he really came over all the obstacles this year, didn’t he? I mean, Justin Morneau was injured last year too, just like this year, but it’s not just any manager that could have the wherewithal to plug in a guy with over 500 career homeruns into the lineup. And never mind the fact that Danny Valencia never would have made the lineup if Nick Punto hadn’t got hurt. Or that the team’s best right handed hitter was only in the lineup because Gardenhire was backed into a corner and HAD to play Delmon Young. Not many people that could take all that and do exactly the same thing they did the year before. Special kind of manager.

Also, I’m so glad we gave that no talent ass-clown an extension. Sorry, I mean, I’m glad we gave the manager of the year an extension.

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