Giants/Vikings At Ford Field Was Bizarre

Giants/Vikings At Ford Field Was Bizarre

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Giants/Vikings At Ford Field Was Bizarre


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Free general admission tickets, 8 dollar booze, sub-zero temperatures in Detroit…what could go wrong? Well, actually pretty much nothing did. I went down to the game last night expecting a full-fledged shitshow with the full intention of contributing to the chaos by finding Brett Favre and punching him right in his Wranglers. Instead, last night was just about one of the more surreal experiences I can remember.

I walked in midway through the first quarter. The first thing I heard when walking through the concourse was that Viking horn sound that all Lion fans are very familiar with that they play on first downs. That was weird. Luckily, Tavaris Jackson had one of the most inept QB performances of the year and my rage was kept in check by not hearing the horn in Ford Field all night.

They announced the attendance as just under 46,000 people. Actually, that seemed quite low to me. The only available seating for much of the game were the corners in the upperdeck. I’d break down the crowd as being 5% Viking fans, 3% Giant fans, 2% Packer fans with crushes on Favre and 90% being those who just wanted to see something weird. Since it was technically a Viking home game, they brought their sloth mascot, cheerleaders and played Viking history clips on the screens in Ford Field at timeouts. Easily the biggest ovations of the night were for the cheerleaders, the fans doing the wave and the multiple “let’s go Lions” chants.

The game was pretty, pritty, prettah dull for the most part, but the people watching more then made up for a lackluster football game. A free event in Detroit always brings out those, uhh, special Detroit people. You know, those that used to flood the DEMF when it was free. Since there was not much interest of what was going on in the field…this really allowed these Detroit people to really showcase themselves. Here’s some of the highlights.

Detroit people Ford field

Yep, that is a full back Lions tattoo. Take note that his t-shirt is expertly ripped to showcase this. 


And here’s a guy in a ponytail rocking a Miami Dolphins starter jacket with shorts in -10 degree weather after the game.

Overall, I was completely happy with last night. I got to see a Monday Night football game in Detroit, weird people, and everyone behaved themselves. If that awful dungeon the Vikings play in isn’t ready for next week, another MNF game in Detroit would be pretty awesome.

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