Editorial: Hey ESPN's Mike Sando, is this a joke?

Editorial: Hey ESPN's Mike Sando, is this a joke?

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Editorial: Hey ESPN's Mike Sando, is this a joke?


Mr. Creativity you are not Mike Sando, nor are you anything but an obvious Buc hater. What is it with you anyway? Your from Seattle, we have no natural sports town rivalry with the rainy city. Are you still upset at what we did to your Seahawks last year? Was it your first game in that retractable dome or something? Mike Sando helps out (if you call it that) with ESPN’s power rankings. Nice of the four letter network to include a link to view each entry during the season. I thought it would be nice to watch the love the Bucs got during the season as they suprised teams and the league. But not with Mr. Sando, he decided early on that he would be a Raheem hater and a Bucs hater. Sounds like he’s ok with Josh Freeman though! Preseason he questions a defensive minded HC like Morris teaching a franchise QB. Um Mike, you have heard of offensive coordinators and quarterbacks coaches havnt you? Do they teach you that much at ESPN U? But as you read on, no victory is good enough for Sando. The Bucs Sandman basically is so uncreative, he writes the same reviews week after week, just changing an adverb here or there. Bucs win two games, he points out “say goodbye to your two game winning streak” Really dude, how many times can you write about the Bucs weak schedule, losing of players, or Morris’ “Best Team in the NFC statement? Your week 14 and 15 rankings look like you just kept the same first four words and filled in the rest. As a Bucs fan since 1979, Ive seen my share of Tampa Bay not getting respect, but sometimes it shocks even me. Put a little more effort in Sando, you work for ESPN for crying out loud. The Power Rankings and comments from Mike Sando in 2010. POWER RANKINGS WEEK    RECORD    RANK    COMMENT Week 16    8-6    15    The self-proclaimed best team in the NFC is running out of players. (Sando) Week 15    8-5    13    The Bucs are running out of players when they need them the most. (Sando) Week 14    7-5    13    The Bucs’ next three opponents have a combined four victories in the past six weeks. (Sando) Week 13    7-4    13    There’s no shame in losing a hard-fought game on the road against Baltimore. (Sando) Week 12    7-3    11    There’s no shame in being the third-best team in the NFC South this season. (Sando) Week 11    6-3    11    Bucs have not defeated a team that currently owns a winning record. (Sando) Week 10    5-3    13    The best-team-in-the-NFC mantra can wait for now, but the Bucs definitely have made progress. (Sando) Week 9    5-2    14    Hey, give Raheem Morris some credit for believing in his team. Josh Freeman can make a coach look smart. (Sando) Week 8    4-2    18    Best team in the NFC, as their coach claims? Bucs might be third-best in own division. (Sando) Week 7    3-2    19    Tampa Bay has improved, but Bucs have been blown out by both winning teams they’ve played. (Sando) Week 6    3-1    16    The Bucs already have matched their 2009 totals for victories at home (one) and on the road (two). (Sando) Week 5    2-1    23    Bucs are averaging 1.83 yards per carry on first down, not good enough (Sando) Week 4    2-1    20    Victories over the Browns and Panthers will fade with Bengals, Saints next. (Sando) Week 3    2-0    21    Say goodbye to that two-game win streak with Steelers visiting Sunday (Sando) Week 2    1-0    28    Tampa will take the victory even though it was blacked out and against watered-down Browns. (Sando) Week 1    3-13    30    The early schedule gives the Bucs a chance, particularly with Josh Freeman returning to practice. (Sando) Preseason    3-13    30    How well can a young head coach with a defensive background manage Josh Freeman, a franchise quarterback entering his first full season as an NFL starter? (Sando)

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