Tyreke Evans' injury scares the crap out of me

Tyreke Evans' injury scares the crap out of me

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Tyreke Evans' injury scares the crap out of me


Via AOL Fanhouse:

But Evans, who has dealt with a mild case of plantar fasciitis for much of the season in which his production has drastically declined, revealed afterward that he is considering having a procedure done on his left foot to alleviate the condition that would sideline him for "three to four months."

"Hopefully (the plantar fasciitis) will go away soon," said Evans, whose 30-point outing against Memphis on Nov. 6 was his only other 30-plus point scoring game of the season. "I talked to my agent (Bob Myers) today, and I was thinking about (the procedure)…He's going to let me know and we'll see what's up. I'll just keep that in mind, whether I want to just keep playing through it or get (the procedure) over with."

A source close to Evans said he had already decided to do the procedure which involves laser treatment soon, but the sudden rediscovery of his game and swagger might mean he delays the procedure until after the All-Star break or perhaps the offseason. Evans said Kings coach Paul Westphal indicated that he would be supportive of his player no matter the final decision.

"I talked to coach, and told him, 'If I have to a chance to (fix it), and that is my decision, would it be alright if I just get it done?'" Evans said. "He said, 'Yeah, just do whatever it takes to get healthy.' That's my main thing. Do whatever it takes to get healthy. Without my body, I can't perform, so that's the most important thing."

In case you forgot, Rajon Rondo is also dealing with a mild case of plantar fasciitis.

While I'm (obviously) not a doctor and lack access to Evans' medical file, this shows plantar fasciitis is not something to mess around with.

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