Celtics @ Bulls G36 GreenLights

Celtics @ Bulls G36 GreenLights

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Celtics @ Bulls G36 GreenLights


The Celtics completed the first week of the new year with a sluggish and tiresome loss in Chicago against the Bulls.  Capping off a busy week that had them play five games in seven nights, it was evident that they were emulating Jackson Browne and were running on empty.  It was clear from the start of each quarter: They would play with high energy on defense and run some of their sets on offense.  Then, within five minutes (or less) they just had nothing.

There should be huge credit to go to the Bulls who played stifling defense as well to Derrick Rose who essentially went to Allen Iverson-ian levels to slash his way through the Celtics' defense and conduct a one-man parade to the free throw line.  Carlos Boozer elbowed Big Baby a couple of times but Davis never retaliated.  He would get some mini-revenge with a late, meaningless block on Boozer, but his lack of payback resembled how the Celtics played all night.  Check out the GreenLights below for the "good" that came out of that loss.

Q1: The game begins with some good defense to start with, as Luol Deng misses a three.  Other highlights linclude:

  • Paul Pierce finding a cutting Shaquille O'Neal for the lay-up
  • Another solid defensive effort, forcing one of the few missed shots by Boozer
  • Rajon Rondo driving then kicking it out to Ray Allen for a baseline three
  • A third quality defensive effort, making Rose hit the side of the backboard on a baseline floater
  • Big Baby with the post-entry denial on Boozer
  • Rondo to Pierce to Shaq to Big Baby for the lay-up… Great ball movement
  • Rondo slapping the ball out to keep a possession alive
  • Pierce finding Ray in the corner for three
  • Big Baby knocking away another pass, allowing Rondo to find Ray on the break who lays it in
  • Good defense on Boozer, allowing the C's to get out in transition… Pierce draws the foul then makes both free throws
  • Rondo deflecting the Rose pass, eventually leading to Shaq getting fouled… Shaq made 1 of 2 free throws
  • Pierce with the 15-footer
  • Jermaine O'Neal with the nice block on Ronnie Brewer
  • Good defense forcing Rose out of bounds and tossing a bad pass that Rondo steals… Then Rondo clearly pads his assist stats by waiting for Ray who slams it
  • Ray finds JO who gets fouled and makes both free throws


Q2: The second quarter begins with a nice night shot of Chicago, followed by a nice drive and pull-up jumper by Marquis Daniels to get the offense going.  Other highlights include:

  • Quis with the near steal, forcing the Bulls to scramble, then Pierce gets in the passing lane for the steal and loud jam
  • Solid defense, forcing Kyle Korver to throw a bad pass out of bounds
  • Pierce drilling the 24 second buzzer beating straight away three
  • Luke Harangody with the strong rebound in traffic
  • Luke with the nice drive and dish to JO who gets fouled… JO made both free throws
  • Rondo with the scoop lay-up
  • Rondo knocks the ball off Rose's knee, but it stays Chicago ball
  • Shaq with the nice block on Deng
  • Rondo to Ray who knocks down the jumper off the "Floppy" curl play
  • Rondo hitting the jumper
  • Good defense forcing a Boozer miss
  • Rondo with the bullet pass to Pierce cutting baseline for the lay-up
  • Big Baby with the steal then going coast-to-coast for the lay-up


Q3: Ray Ray gets the second half scoring going with a nice jumper off the dribble.  Other highlights include:

  • Pierce finding Shaq on the pick and roll for the two-handed slam
  • Pierce raining another 24 second buzzer beating three, this time right in front of Chicago's bench
  • Good defense by Shaq, forcing a bad miss by Rose
  • Rondo with a strong drive to the hoop for two
  • Rondo to Ray again with the "Floppy" this time for three
  • Big Baby over-playing Boozer, then stealing the post entry pass
  • Rondo with the nice steal
  • Pierce with his classic herky-jerky slash to the hoop for two
  • Rondo with another strong drive to the hoop, finishing off a lefty lay-up
  • Good team defense packing the lane in, forcing the Boozer turnover
  • Pierce driving to the basket drawing the foul and making both free throws
  • Boozer with the first of two elbows on Big Baby
  • Ray drawing the foul on Brewer and making both free throws
  • Pierce with his George Gervin emulation and finger-rolling it in
  • Semih Erden with the nice defense on a driving Rose, forcing the miss


Q4: The final quarter begins with the Celtics showing some early quarter energy on defense forcing a missed shot.  Other highlights include:

  • Harangody with solid one-on-one defense on Taj Gibson forcing him to travel
  • Rondo with the bounce pass to Big Baby who draws the foul and makes one of two free throws
  • Boozer with the second of two elbows to Big Baby
  • Rondo driving and kicking it out to Big Baby for the jumper
  • Rondo stealing it from Rose then drawing the clear path foul (very odd call here but ok)… Rondo would make one of two free throws
  • Big Baby drawing the charge on Deng
  • Rondo diving for the loose ball then driving for the slick lay-up… Check out official Ron Garretson giving the court side Bulls fan the business
  • Rondo to Big Baby for another jumper
  • Pierce with the nice deflection on defense
  • Rondo to a cutting JO off the "2-3 Arc" play for the lay-up
  • Rondo with the nice jumper from the left elbow
  • JO aggravating the Rose drive just enough for him to miss
  • Pierce driving to the hoop drawing the foul and getting two free throws
  • Big Baby with the block on Boozer
  • Von Wafer getting fouled then making both free throws


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