Michigan Hires Brady Hoke As New Football Coach

Michigan Hires Brady Hoke As New Football Coach

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Michigan Hires Brady Hoke As New Football Coach



Earlier this afternoon, Brady Hoke was officially announced as the 19th head football coach at the University of Michigan. Hoke, he of the 47-50 career record at Ball State and San Diego State, is the “Michigan Man” that old-fart alumni and media blowhards worldwide have coveted so dearly since 3 years ago when Rich Rodriguez was hired. He brings the attention to defense and appreciation for tradition that said geezers write bottomless checks for, so there’s that. He’s also not Rich Rodriguez, so the Detroit media will (hopefully) not attempt to crucify him at every turn (Early consensus: they LOVE him).

What Hoke isn’t is a flashy hire. He doesn’t have the high profile and higher-powered offense that Rodriguez brought to the table. Thankfully, he also doesn’t have the baggage that Rich Rod lugged over from West Virginia, where his family members were receiving death threats and the like after he jetted off to Ann Arbor. Regardless, Hoke isn’t the guy that a lot of people wanted. Because of this, the Michigan fanbase is as divided as the political parties of our great nation are right now. Some idiots have even made a website voicing their disapproval [via @Detroit_Fanatic]. Still, the fanbase will be happy when the winning returns (no one bitched after 2006’s 11-2 season despite the glaring lack of speed on the defensive side of the ball).

Hoke’s first job as leader of the free world Michigan’s head coach is to convince Denard Robinson that Ann Arbor is a pretty good place to get an education. While Tate Forcier didn’t seem too pleased today, Denard is the key component to Michigan’s offensive equation. If he goes, things might get ugly next year no matter how many “aw, shucks” lines Hoke can throw at the media.

Brady Hokeamania
Let the Hokeamania begin.

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