Gallo on Brady

Gallo on Brady


Gallo on Brady


Tip to Ben, a classic from 2007

Brady is a playoff choker. That’s common knowledge now. I mean, heck, Sunday night he blew an 18-point lead and got run over as Manning directed the biggest comeback in conference championship game history. And Brady’s woe-is-me, I’ve-lost-again “Brady Face” is becoming an NFL playoff tradition. But he is not New England’s only problem, sadly enough.

Their head coach, Bill Belichick, is also to blame. Belichick was expressionless on the sidelines throughout the entire game. For a team to win in the playoffs they need a coach who shows emotion. They need a coach like Tony Dungy, for instance, who was animated and encouraging throughout Sunday night’s game. And speaking of Dungy, he completely outcoached Belichick, who obviously isn’t much when it comes to strategy and in-game adjustments. Everyone knows that a great coach makes adjustments at halftime. Well, Belichick and the Patriots got outscored 32-13 in the second half Sunday (and 17-10 in the second half versus the Broncos last year). Draw your own conclusions, but it’s obvious Belichick leaves much to be desired.

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