Did Clemson Win Recruiting in South Carolina This Year?

Did Clemson Win Recruiting in South Carolina This Year?

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Did Clemson Win Recruiting in South Carolina This Year?


After reading this post, it made me ask that very question – “Did Clemson Win Recruiting in the State of South Carolina in 2011?”  Before you answer, here is what the numbers show:

Here’s who mined the state’s Top 25 for signatures:

10… Clemson
7… South Carolina
2… Tennessee
1… East Carolina
1… North Carolina State
1… Notre Dame
1… Wake Forest
1… Junior College
1… Still Unsigned

Now before you say Clemson based off numbers.  Realize that Clowney has not signed.  Also let’s review their “cream of the crop” from their classes as a whole –

USC Top prospects via ESPN:
DTKelcy Quarles was a four-star prospect and one of the top prep school players in the country. Phillip Dukes was ranked by ESPN as the No. 17 defensive tackle. Kadetrix Marcus was ranked as the No. 18 safety and Brandon Shell as the No. 19 offensive tackle.

CU Top prospects via ESPN: Inside linebacker Tony Steward and outside linebacker Stephone Anthony are both ESPNU 150 players and the top-ranked recruits at their respective positions. Five-star receiver Charone Peake is the No. 2 receiver in the country and No. 14 player overall in the ESPNU 150.

As you can see, ESPN looked at the classes as a whole and my question is about “who won the state.”  In my view, it is dead even as far as “who won the state” right now given the Clowney situation still being undecided.  If Clowney goes with Alabama then I will be the first to say Clemson beat USC in recruiting the State of South Carolina for the 2011 Class. 

Really the winner is going to be decided by what Clowney does.  Whichever program he chooses in-state then they win the title of winning the state in the Class of 2011.

Now how they develop is a different topic and one USC seems to win of late.

Do you agree? 

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