Is It Football Season Yet?

Is It Football Season Yet?

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Is It Football Season Yet?


Seriously, is it? When is that last time you heard THAT on the Palouse? Oh yeah… last year.

(WARNING: the following post may be too passionate and indignant for the casual reader. Reader discretion is advised.)

While I was optimistic about this teams chances against UW last week, obviously I am completely over it now as the Cougars are getting murdered on the road at Pac-10 powerhouse, Oregon while I type this. After a week of Reggie and Klay popping off about “running the table” when they’ve never even sniffed a true Pac-10 win streak, what else should we have expected? I don’t often comment on the tired meme of missing Bennett ball, frankly, there is a lot about Bone ball that I find exciting and promising. But what I do miss is that while Bennet’s teams frustrated me at times, they never disappointed me with their effort. That is a reflection on the culture established by the coaching staff and so far that is where our current staff has failed… miserably.

So I plead with you Ken Bone;  Remove the entire lineup right now and play your deepest backups for the rest of the game. This team needs a complete attitude overhaul and it needs to start with a big statement from you right now.

Apparently you are not too concerned when players refuse to play defense, get busted for weed, embarrass themselves and the program with tweets and Facebook messages, you name it… it all gives the impression of a program that lacks discipline and focus. That just happens to be the perfect recipe for consistent underachievement. Unfortunately that has become the hallmark of this program. We are getting killed by a bottom of the Pac-10 team that beat us 3 times last year.

Thank God this debacle was not televised.

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