Put Me In!!!!

Put Me In!!!!

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Put Me In!!!!


Hello Followers. Hope you’ve had a great signing day week.

Well, on a night when our boys could have closed within 1 game of the Muttlakes, our Cougs pretended they were the Ducks en route to laying one of biggest eggs of all time, including a stretch where we had two field goals over 17+ minutes of play. The final score: 69-43.

Hard to pinpoint what went wrong tonight because, quite frankly, everything went wrong. Klay was terrible, Aden was worse, Moore was bad, Casto wasn’t good, Lodwick was worthless, Simon was off, Motum was soft, and Bone, well, he did nothing to steer us out of one of the most heinous 3 point brick fests of all time (WHAT KIND OF COACHING WAS THAT???).

The only thing that was missing from tonight’s game was me.  I mean, out of all the things that I know I can do, its shoot around 24% from the field.  So, in view of tonight’s final shooting totals, I may have actually been able to help us out!

Unbelievable.  Just when you thought that we were back in the hunt for the Dance and may have finally figured it all out, we return to the same old “hold the ball, dribble, and chuck-the-3-against-the-zone” team we saw all of last year.

The saga of underachievement continues.

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