RedsArmy presents FanFriday #8 "The Brothers Green"

RedsArmy presents FanFriday #8 "The Brothers Green"

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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #8 "The Brothers Green"



I just got off the phone with my buddy Matt-one half of this week's featured fan duo. We were reminiscing about Game 7 of the E.Conf.Semis in 2009. The Magic beat the Celtics to move on to the E.Conference Finals, but there was a great moment during that game. About halfway through the 4th quarter, myself, Matt and the rest of the Garden crowd all stood up and gave the C's one last "Let's Go Celtics..!" chant. Matt got chills just talking about it. It was the fans' way of saying "thank you".  2009 was also the year that the C's gave out the "Boston is a Brotherhood" shirts at Game 1 of the memorable C's-Bulls series. Matt's brother Ted was actually offered $500 for his shirt, and of course turned it down.

Besides that moment in 2009, Matt and his brother Ted say Game 6 of the 2008 Finals is easily their favorite Garden memory of all-time. Matt says getting to "celebrate for 2 hours" through a 131-92 blowout of L.A. was fantastic. He and Ted were both there and agree that "nothing tops that." Matt and Ted have been going to games together for years, and Matt has been a season-ticket holder since 2001. They have both travelled the U.S. watching the C's play on the road, and Ted was in Miami last year with Aztec Gino to watch the C's beat Miami in the conference semis. The picture below shows Ted & Aztec being grilled by some salty Heat fans outside the arena in Miami.


Matt and Teddy have been in Boston for a while now, but as kids they grew-up in Maryland, & later Connecticut. Matt's Dad had Terrapins season tickets, and Matt was a huge Len Bias fan growing-up. He was ecstatic when Len was drafted by Boston, and obviously crushed like the rest of us when he passed-away. But living in Maryland did leave some good memories, like meeting Jeff Malone of the Bullets after a C's-Bullets game one night. Malone took Matt's Celtics painter's hat, put it on and said: "how would I look as a Celtic?" (Young Matt thought that Malone was really coming to Boston-poor little guy.)

I can't say enough about these guys. They are great C's fans, and even greater people. Last season, Matt was so excited to be at the Garden for Celtics-Cavs Game 6. It was going to possibly be Lebron's last game in a Cavs uni. On gamenight, tickets were very scarce, (and expensive) and I couldn't find one. I got a call from Matt about 5 hours before tip. His plane was delayed at LAX and he was not going to make it in time. He gave me his ticket so I could watch the C's knock Lebron and the Cavs out of the playoffs. It was a great night. Matt and Teddy are 2 great fans that I am glad to have met. I look forward to celebrating Banner 18 with them this summer.

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