Tying Up Loose Ends

Tying Up Loose Ends


Tying Up Loose Ends


It seems like when the Brewers make news this offseason, a lot of it happens at once. To summarize what we’ve learned today:

– The Mark Kotsay signing is official, with Roque Mercedes being designated for assignment to make room for Kotsay on the 40-man roster. Adam McCalvy reports that Kotsay is excited to join the team and will wear number 25. Tom Haudricourt says the Brewers are probably hoping to get Mercedes through waivers and keep him, which shouldn’t be much of a problem. I would pick apart some of the comments Gord Ash made about Kotsay, but I feel like I’ve already used too many words talking about this signing.

– It doesn’t look like Rickie Weeks is anywhere close to signing a contract with the Brewers, longterm or otherwise. Excuse me while I go find a beer to cry into.

– I hadn’t seen this anywhere yet, so I asked Haudricourt about it — Shaun Marcum’s arbitration hearing is believed to be slated for February 10. That’s less than a week away. Considering talks with Weeks don’t seem to be going anywhere, forgive me for wondering if the Brewers will momentarily turn their attention to avoiding arby with Marcum. You may remember that the hearing for Weeks is set for a little more than a week later, on February 18.

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