Irsay Q and A (must read)

Irsay Q and A (must read)


Irsay Q and A (must read)


Irsay answers questions

(on how long of a contract is he willing to give QB-Peyton Manning at this stage of his career)
“I think that can vary. I think six years is certainly a possibility, five or six years. It always depends on how the negotiations go at this point. There is not a definitive number that I’m stuck on. I think you don’t know how much longer he can play. You hope that it’s five years, maybe six years. Until you get longer down the road, it’s really uncertain to know exactly how long he can play at a really high level. We hope it can be a long time, and he can break (QB-Brett) Favre’s record and that we can win Super Bowls and continue to do that and have him play in the early 40s. But only time will tell.”

(on the contract status of RB-Joseph Addai and WR-Reggie Wayne)
“I think that in terms of how we’re shaping our roster as we go up to March 3, we’ll see if we have any more announcements, in terms of players and that sort of thing, whether they sign an extension or whether we release someone.”

(on if there has been a decision on DB-Bob Sanders)
“We haven’t yet, but before March 3 I think we will probably have some sense on that direction. Again, there’s nothing definitive, I think. I think we’ve talked through a lot of different scenarios. We can’t say at this point definitely what direction we’re going there, but I think that we’re going to try to get to a decision in the next few days before March 3.”

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