Mambo #5 for Boston Bruins, beat Oilers 3-2

Mambo #5 for Boston Bruins, beat Oilers 3-2


Mambo #5 for Boston Bruins, beat Oilers 3-2


Boston Bruins defeat the Edmonton Oilers 3-2, Game 62
We’re not doing a real recap for this game.

Not gonna lie, we really didn’t catch most of it. Half the DOY staff was at the Flogging Molly concert and the other half only caught part of the game, so doing a full recap would be pointless. 

Bruins win 5 in a row. Mambo #5 came into our heads but we won’t make you suffer with that video, but here’s a quick image.

Rumor has it that NESN did a Bruins Movie Awards spoof last night. We got like 100 tweets and emails about it. Sadly, we didn’t see it, but 100 people can’t be lying. NESN is totally stealing our schtik. The DOY Staff might have to go to war. Anyone have still images of video of the actual bit? We’d love to actually see it for ourselves.

Also, thanks to everyone who said our photoshops are better… you know how to make us feel all warm and mushy inside.

Purrgeron is pissed.

Some items of note from last night’s game:

  • Peverly got his first goal as a Bruins. Kelly got an assist. All the new Bruins have points already.
  • As our buddy Cornelius points out, Boston is 4-0-0 in the Kaberle Era
  • Marchand got his first fight in the NHL. Not a fantastic fight, but the Cogliano is Brado’s height when on his knees.


  • Lots of noise being made about the Looch-Vandermeer fight. Not 100% sure why. Looch didn’t look like his heart was in it. Vandermeer was all smiles. Still not a bad bout. Seen much better.
  • McGratten and Zimmerman got shipped off in an AHL deal — SomethingsBruin has the details.
  • Rumor has it Brule never made it out of the parking lot for his cheap hit on Boychuk after the whistle and sans helmet.

Here are the highlights:

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