Corey is Coming Home

Corey is Coming Home

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Corey is Coming Home


Corey Brewer just saw his first action as a Mav this last weekend.  Going off the 2-4, 10 minute performance yesterday I think we can safely say the man is a dominating force of nature in the making.  To be honest I'm not sure who I'd be more excited to see play well tonight, Beasley, Love, Anthony Randolph or Turbo. It seems destiny for him to give Beasley fits on defense.



The double double record is all but a foregone conclusion.  Kevin has taken it up a notch to go after the 20-20 streak.  It'd be amusing if another team (probably a bad one) went into a game with the sole intent of ending his streak. Can you imagine the Wolves broadcast booth getting more and more panicked as the 4th quarter went on? Would FSN swap out the mini scoreboard in the upper corner with a double double gadget? Would Fox find a way to conjure up their NFL robot guy into a physical being to help K.Love complete the double double? It'd be glorious. 


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