Enemy Chatter: Rondo was repeatedly lazy

Enemy Chatter: Rondo was repeatedly lazy

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Enemy Chatter: Rondo was repeatedly lazy


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee.

Rajon Rondo appeared to be sleepwalking through most of Sunday’s game, but still managed a key four points and four assists in the fourth quarter.  He’d finish with just six and eight respectively for the game, but the real indictment of his play was the eight turnovers he lost.  He was repeatedly lazy and nonchalant with his passes and Milwaukee isn’t the kind of team that typically allows for that.


Not only was Rajon lazy with his passes, but his perimeter defense was awful. He wasn't alone. For 45 minutes, the Celtics let the Bucks penetrate into the paint. Fortunately they were able to clamp down in the final 3 minutes.

Rondo didn't appear to be injured, so I'm not sure what was wrong.

On Page 2, claims that KG took a swipe at Brandon Jennings.

Granted, neither team was anywhere near full strength tonight, and the Bucks probably wouldn't see the Celtics start the fourth quarter with an Avery Bradley/Ray Allen/Sasha Pavlovic/Jeff Green/Troy Murphy lineup in a playoff game. And both teams look a lot different than the ones that faced off in an overtime Boston victory in early-November. But a potential Bucks/Celtics playoff series could offer possible competitiveness and guaranteed chippiness — as two close games and continued Kevin Garnett antics (he sort of punched/forearmed Brandon Jennings at the end of one play tonight) suggest.


I thought I watched the whole game, but somehow I missed KG's punch/forearm to Jennings. I did see the two of them bump into one another before a timeout.

Did anyone see this alleged punch?

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