The Versus [drinking[ Game of the Week, Chicago at Tampa

The Versus [drinking[ Game of the Week, Chicago at Tampa

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The Versus [drinking[ Game of the Week, Chicago at Tampa


So I went from a complicated statistical analysis to a picture of monkeys to a drinking game about a team that may or may not exist. I’m still not so sure about hockey in Florida. One of these hypothetical teams will square against the RED HOT Chicago Blackhawks in Tampa for what may or may not be an exhibition game, depending on whether or not the Tampa Bay Lightning actually exist. Hell, I’m not even sure Tampa Bay exists.


… if a graphic comparing the weather in Chicago to that of Tampa Bay.  As someone who lives up north, it’s almost enough to make one suicidal.

… If Duncan Keith’s finger injury is described as “an upper body injury” Drink three times if he has his arms at his side and the injury is described as “lower body”

… if light blue DEFINITELY reminds you of thunderstorms and lightning

… If Lightning team radiologist Dr. Manuel Rose gets a mention


Today’s Drinking Player of the Week is Pavel Kubina!

To the girlfriend forum!

–          The oldest comment is “no, you are a bitch!” Outstanding.

–          Next was someone looking for naked pictures of Jiri Tlusty. This is going to be a good forum.

–          Someone says that she is so much hotter than his girlfriend, and that Russians should stay in their own culture (Kubina is Czech)

–          He doesn’t cheat! Good for Pavel Kubina

–          For some reason, the posts dried up about two years ago….

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