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And In Other News…

Should have gone to Vegas

Remember that “interesting” couple of months we were talking about?

Yup… Just call us “Nostradamus” (although, it should be noted, we’d have cut the whole “Tresselmania” thing off at the knees if we had a premonition).

So the latest shenanigans in college sports are pretty big- the Feds are investigating former coaches and players at the University of San Diego who may have been involved in gambling and point shaving. Yup, that’s a paddlin– while other programs are looking at sanctions and such, these folks are facing five years and $250,000. Good work, Toreros.

Elsewheres, the Irony Bowl continues in earnest with new allegations that a person connected to the Crimson Tide was “involved” in the recruitment of Brent Calloway.  By “involved”, the story means “paying his family $2,500, driving him to campus visits in Tuscaloosa, sequestering him in Florida for two days prior to national signing day”.  What makes this all the more intriguing is that Calloway was a ‘Bama commit who switched to the Auburn hat at the Army AA game, and then signed with Alabama on NLOID. Oh, and ‘Bama has found no wrongdoing in this matter.

Meanwhile, in South Bend, WR Michael Floyd has been given the blessing of the school to remain a part of their community following his third arrest for alcohol related incidents. It’s not as if Notre Dame didn’t have enough bad press right now, they really didn’t need to add “drunken” to their unfortunately stereotyped mascot.

Although it’s not really news, there are concerns from the academic side of the house regarding the ways that student athletes spend their time, the compromises that Universities make in order to facilitate commercialized sports, and calls for strengthening requirements for first year students. Given the economic climate, and the continual cuts to educational budgets from state legislatures, don’t be surprised if this ends up being a bigger thorn in the side of your favorite program than you would like.

Yup, the NCAA is probably not going to have the summer that they were hoping for.

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