Rangers/Caps Round Table Take Two

Rangers/Caps Round Table Take Two

NY Rangers

Rangers/Caps Round Table Take Two


Last week, I joined Joe over at Rock The Red in a pre-series round table. Now that the Rangers have decided to make it a series, we’ve decided to get back together to see where our teams stand after three games.

Joe is apparently out finding more things for Bruce Boudreau to complain about, so fellow Rock the Redder Kevin fills in…

1. Who has been the Capitals biggest surprise & disappointment up to this point in the series?

I’m frankly surprised that Mike Green has been able to come back and look really good after missing so much time. As for disappointment, it has to go with Backstrom. He’s getting open and not shooting EVER. He doesn’t look confident and compared to his first couple games of last year’s playoffs, he’s been invisible. Rookie Marcus Johansson has looked better that Nicklas.

2. Bruce Boudreau has done a lot of complaining since last night. Shouldn’t he be focusing on Game 4? Seems counter-productive.

He’s simply trying to pull the spotlight off his players. Sometimes it works in that the league will look at the penalty calls and some of the ‘ticky-tack’ stuff won’t get called. But he’s also giving his players an excuse as to why they lost. It depends on how the team takes it whether it works or not.

3. The Capitals are 1-4 in seven games series they’ve lead 2-0. Is that something the players are aware of and do you think it will affect them mentally going forward?

As much as they’re pros and could care less about those things, it it probably known to them (probably because people are always asking them about such things).

4. Is Alex Ovechkin on a mission to get this team a Stanley Cup? He has been a monster so far in the series.

It seems like it. He’s been hitting everything, getting dirty and is looking great; like the leader he is.

For my answers to Rock the Red’s questions click here.

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