Days of Y'Orr fan rally!

Days of Y'Orr fan rally!


Days of Y'Orr fan rally!


Back when Boston and Tampa Bay were battling it out for the right to play Vancouver in the Stanley Cup Finals, Boston succumbed to the douchebaggery of Cowhead and took down their signs ripping on the fans of the opposing team. Well we didn’t like that very much so Days of Y’Orr’s duo of Robb and Jon headed down to the TD Garden with signs of their own to hold a fan rally. People loved it and media outlets picked it up and ran with it. NESN, ESPN, Puck Daddy and everyone under the sun enjoyed our little jab at both Tampa Bay and Boston.

Well, we’re at it again everyone!

Today Justin, Robb, Jon and I will be outside of the Garden holding up our signs, but also handing some out as well! That’s right, we’re going to be hanging out in front of the Bobby Orr statue handing out signs and hopefully hanging with you guys! We should be out by the Bobby Orr statue around 5:30-6. Come over, come laugh and lets show Vancouver who the better fans are!

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