T-shirt Contest: Bruins Hockey Rules Expo

T-shirt Contest: Bruins Hockey Rules Expo


T-shirt Contest: Bruins Hockey Rules Expo


Sorry for the delay in this post but we just got the shirts on Friday and we didn’t know how many/what sizes we were going to get, so we didn’t know how many winners there’d be.

But a little over a week ago we asked readers to send in their best ideas for Bruins Hockey Rules posters/signs. We finally got the shirts and picked our four favorites.

1. Eric 
Everything Eric makes is fucking gold. We could’ve picked any of the three he made to be in first. This was the first one he made and even twitter figured he’d win.

2. Brittany
Three things we love all wrapped in one — Rene Rancourt, The Bear and Bruins Hockey

3. Jeff
We almost forgot about the Grizzlies until Jeff reminded us.

4. Dan
Dan’s photoshop says all.

Luongo sieve

After the jump… the other great readers submssions  …

Green men beans

finger taco

spandex suits
 swedish twins
vancouver whalish women
Bruins vancovuer history
Fraser Frasier

burrows bites bear

bear swedes
canuck filet

green men suck
One from a non-Bruins fan…

bruins history
green men bulge
vancouver is unoriginal
beat no bite
burrows fingers

Rene anthems
burrows a biter
handless vancouver
keep hands in vehicle
wild canucks
Fingers Bruins
Raffi sucks

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