The new smashmouth, blur-ready Ducks

The new smashmouth, blur-ready Ducks

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The new smashmouth, blur-ready Ducks


Some things get repeated so often people start just accepting they’re true.  The knock on the Ducks after the Rose Bowl and the BCS was “The Ducks can’t handle elite defensive lines.”  With Andre Y, Jake Fisher, James Euscher, Tyler Johnstone and Jamal Prater, they’re developing a new generation of smart, agile linemen that will blow that meme apart like the Jack in the Box clown.

Check out their profiles and video–there’s a search feature on the right.  These aren’t the blobby, slow-footed pile dwellers your father grew up watching. They’re workout warriors who’ll be big enough, strong enough and mobile enough to move any line of scrimmage against any conference.

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