Jimmer Fredette comes to Lake Tahoe

Jimmer Fredette comes to Lake Tahoe

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Jimmer Fredette comes to Lake Tahoe


With no basketball in sight, the Sacramento Kings’ new prize possession, Jimmer Fredette, has turned to a new sport.  The Kings can’t call Jimmer or even sell his soon to be golden number seven jersey until he is under contract, which can’t happen until after the lockout ends.  So what is a locked out 22-year-old, soon to be millionaire do?  Play in celebrity golf tournaments, I guess.

Known as one of the toughest celebrity tournaments to get an invitation to, the American Century Championship (ACC) touts an impressive roster of sport and entertainment superstars.  “It’s an honor, it really is, to be there playing with some of the best athletes of all time, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley” Fredette said.  “Aaron Rodgers is going to be there.  I think Tony Romo.  A lot of guys who are pretty good at golf and enjoy it and are unbelievable athletes.  I’m just looking forward to going out there and being able to meet these guys.”

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The American Century Championship is an absolute gem of a tournament.  Set against the incredible backdrop of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierras at Edgewood Golf Course, the tournament allows for an up close and personal experience with some of sports’ greatest legends.  “I’m not the best golfer in the world, but I have been trying to work on my game a little bit,” Jimmer said.  “I am just looking forward to having fun and being able to meet the people mostly.”  Jimmer comes in with 50-1 odds of taking the tournament, right there with Aaron Rodgers and Penny Hardaway – slightly better than the 500-1 odds of Charles Barkley.


As for tournament information, it runs July 15-17.  Click here for ticket information or head to your local Raley’s or Bel Air.  Large crowds are always expected over the weekend, but due to the addition of Jimmer Fredette and the tournament’s proximity to Sacramento, expect Jimmermania to be in full effect.

Cowbell Kingdom will be in attendance for most of the tournament so stay tuned for updates and interviews throughout the week.  If you happen to make it up for the tournament, I highly recommend paying a visit to Harrah’s in the evening.  Maybe you’ll get to play black jack with MJ or have Sir Charles pour you a shot of Patron.  Not that I know this from personal experience or anything …

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