Links of the Day 7/10/11

Links of the Day 7/10/11


Links of the Day 7/10/11


It stormed last night! I woke up to tornado sirens, then went promptly back to sleep, because in Dakota County, that just means heavy rain!

Kris Humphries is getting a reality show for some reason I can’t possibly fathom.

Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom thinks that the Cubs are stupid for letting Carlos Zambrano adopt a child. Wow.

Verlander is choking out Magglio Ordonez about 10 years to late

Rosenborg 2, Stromgodset 0 – After starting so poorly, RBK is rocketing up the table, ready for Tuesday’s Champion’s League qualifier.
Chicago 4, Minnesota 3 – There was a bad call at the end, but what’s really exciting…. Roster moves at the end of today’s game!

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