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This Week in Baseball Cards: December 20

Week in and week out, Bo Rosny drops by and ties his world (baseball cards) to The Hall of Very Good.  And, man…if you’re not checking out Bo’s slice of the interwebs…you’re missing out.

With that…here he his with This Week in Baseball Cards!

Barry Bonds is going to serve house arrest in a mansion with a huge pool and more rooms than days in his sentence. It sure does make the home that Randy Wolf bought for $6 million from Slash look like a hovel by comparison.

So, clean-cut quarterback Tim Tebow could have been a baseball player? So could less-clean cut running back Ricky Williams, who toiled in the Phillies minor league system for a couple of years. Imagine if he was traded to the Red Sox and was a teammate of Manny Ramirez?

Finally, the lights bulbs have been busted in the Wrigley Field neon sign. That’s not the only strange thing that goes on in the dark near the Friendly Confines. Click the link to read about Kevin Mitchell famously said, “Painting nuts ain’t fun.”

And remember, gang, you can check out Bo’s daily insights over at his site…Baseball Cards Come to Life.

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