Detroit Sports Links: Click On That!

Detroit Sports Links: Click On That!

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Detroit Sports Links: Click On That!


Like we did in the good ol’ days, we’re going to start fulfilling all your link needs for Detroit sports and then some. The first installment will be underwhelming, but hopefully it will only leave you thirsty for more come Monday. Shall we? 

I thought I heard this live, but talked myself out of it (“nahh, no way he’d say that …”) Well, Tyson Nash actually said “suck on that” after Pavel Datsyuk’s highlight reel attempt was snagged by Coyotes’ goalie Mike Smith.

Now, get dizzy with Todd Bertuzzi’s game-winner (3:15 mark): 

The Red Wings encore 3-2 shootout win vs. the Coyotes was ESPN’s Game of the Week, which featured a story on Jimmy Howard and one of his biggest fans: the daughter of the Detroit Lions’ president: 

Jimmy Howard was handed a game-used hockey stick and knew exactly where it was headed. He grabbed a pen, signed the stick and handed it to the 12-year-old girl visiting the Red Wings dressing room, wearing a Howard jersey.

She happened to be the daughter of Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand and reacted about the way you’d expect a girl her age to respond.

“Oh my gosh,” she said, stunned, while examining the stick as her father shook his head with a smile. Like Howard, Paige Lewand is a goalie.

“She’s not a Calvin Johnson fan, she’s a Jimmy Howard fan,” Tom Lewand said.

Speaking of the Lions, Mayhew wishes the Lions would have addressed Suh’s “cheap shots” sooner. Meh… 

Speaking of Detroit GMs, Dave Dombrowski thinks Prince Fielder is ‘not a good fit.’ That’s because he’s a fat vegetarian, but if you’re gonna go out and consider signing Johnny Damon (again) or Vladimir Guerrero, you might as well flirt a little with the idea of Cecil‘s son. Or just go with Ramon Santiago.

Speaking of the 1990s, the Pistons are going to have Vanila Ice perform at halftime on Friday, February 3. Yes, this year, in 2012. And just in case the Heat don’t bring enough pain, T-Pain will perform next Wednesday

Speaking of pain, look at Yoenis Cespedes put some hurt into a baseball and the heart of an opposing pitcher. 

Speaking of hurt, check out Jacob Turner’s weenus

Speaking of weenus, Mel Kiper thinks Denard Robinson is a Top 2 wide receiver. Denard Robinson is a frail running quarterback. 


Fausto Carmona is not the one-time 19-game winner we thought he was. Turns out, he’s just a mediocre pitcher named John Smith Roberto Hernandez Heredia and did what we all would do if we could when we turn 23 — he made himself two years younger. 

Speaking of something we all would do, or have done, Nazr Mohammed hit the B-key far too early the other night. 

One fedora per major sport, bro. 

Any interest in an iPoo?

How about the Toylet?  

If you have any links that you think should be included, please email [email protected] or tweet us. Speaking of … ah, nevermind.

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