Crappy losses and Redskins fan alliegiance

Crappy losses and Redskins fan alliegiance

Washington Football Team

Crappy losses and Redskins fan alliegiance


When it comes to those old line NFL and MLB teams, we do not speak of customer loyalty. You are messin' with fan allegiance right there. Allegiance ties self-identity to your team and pride of place that your team represents. (More on that below.)

When your team loses ugly, we understand the visceral reaction it unleashes. Hog Heaven contributor Scott Hirsch reacted yesterday and then he added more today. Read on.

Turkey vulture

The vultures are flying around the Redskins right now.

To add injury to insult, the name changers are still kicking us when we are down.  Right now the "Deadskins" has to be the leading name alternative candidate.

I expect Special Teams coach Burns to be the first casualty of this mess.  He'll be fired by week 6.

Shanny is great at opening games of the season.  He OVER-PREPARES for opening games.  3 months of preparation for the Eagles.

So when that preparation leads to garbage playing, and then another week leads to zero improvement on that garbage playing with the same issues, that is a serious red flag.  This situation is in no way comparable to being 3-6 last season because of that fact.  When the Redskins lost last year, it was close every game except for the Steelers and the Panthers.  Forbath was a crucial acquisition that help tip the balance in those close games.

There is no one move in this situation to fix what is going on.

~ Scott Hirsch



See what I mean? Allegiance can be wonderful. It can also be a b*tch. Those who are angriest at you  are they  who love you most. Your failure is their pain because your identity is in their psychic DNA.

Allegiance, by the way, is why Washington fans will not give up the team name. Redskins is all about us and our team and has nothing to do with Native Americans. We don't really care what The Washington Post thinks about it.


But, I digress.

It's football. It's competitive sport. We can cope with a close, early season loss after a gallant fight. We are wounded by the crap seen in the first two games.

Fight on, Sons of Washington, but don't play like that again.   


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