Lions playing Falcons in London in 2014

Lions playing Falcons in London in 2014

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Lions playing Falcons in London in 2014


When it came out on July 24 that the Lions were going to be playing in Atlanta in 2014, I was ecstatic. I've been living in Atlanta for a little over five years now and anytime my Detroit teams are in town, I make an effort to attend the games. A Lions game was the first sporting event I saw in Atlanta when I moved here in 2008 (the first loss of the record-breaking 0-16 season) and since that time I've seen the Tigers, Red Wings (yes, hockey used to be played in Atlanta), Pistons and the runner-up Michigan Wolverines all play in Atlanta. I was looking forward to another Lions game next year, one I could actually enjoy because they might have a chance at winning. 

Well, that dream will have to wait, because the Lions' road game against the Falcons in 2014 is now in London, the NFL announced on Thursday. 

Where's the nearest marching band, so I can give them a piece of my mind? 

My wife and I have already shared the following conversation, moments after the horrible news broke: 

Me: "Hey, wanna go to London next year?" 
Wife: "What??? yes!" …
Me: "Awesome you deserve it.. by the way, we're gonna go to the lions/falcons game while we're there."
Wife: "Wait, what? no."  

Thanks a lot, NFLondon.

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