Are the Bobcats In Line to Trade Ben Gordon

Are the Bobcats In Line to Trade Ben Gordon


Are the Bobcats In Line to Trade Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon has been only one thing since suiting up in a Charlotte Bobcats uniform for the first time last season…horrendous. Not only has he lacked big contributions that people thought he would once provide but what it really comes down to is the awful contract the Cats are paying him.

13 million dollars is going to a player who is currently putting up 5.6 points a game in limited playing time. It is without a question that Michael Jordan should look to move the clearly struggling guard as his time in Charlotte hasn’t been anything better than mediocre.

There was a period of time early in the season where Gordon DNP’d for 13 consecutive games, and that’s the guy you’re paying 10+ million to help “improve” your team…or so we once thought.

According to a league source it has become evident that the Bobcats are indeed searching for teams to trade the declining star to with his contract closing in on expiring.

 Who and what teams have the Cats been discussing a trade with? That information is currently unidentified but it may be evident what 1st year head coach Steve Clifford may be searching for. If I was Jordan I would probably think of going out there and securing a reliable defender, a wing defender to be more specific.

With a wing defender on the roster it would be a plus because whoever that guy would be he would add to an already bolstered Charlotte defense (the player they go after should also have a little scoring power). The Cats have shown so far that this season their defense is legit…and there not looking for the lottery this year. The playoffs are the overall goal for the soon to be Hornets for the remainder of the 2014 season.

With rumors already swirling around the Cats trading for Orlando Magic star scorer Aaron Afflalo it seems to be evident that Jordan is looking to make a few roster moves either on the trade deadline or the weeks leading up to the deadline.

I feel Charlotte should look to get Gordon out of town first because I would rather get rid of that horrible 13 million dollar contract before I make any other moves with the promising roster.

 It’s clear that Bobcats nation doesn’t want him on their favorite team with the limited contributions he has given the Bobcats in his short tenure with the team.

Gordon expected to have a much bigger role with the team this year after struggling to build a relationship around former Bobcats head coach Mike Dunlap in his first season with the Cats last year. Where has the hopeful larger role for Gordon gone this season? Absolutely Nowhere.

In fact Gordon’s time in Charlotte has only gotten worse this year as he has plummeted in both points as well as field goal percentage. The 30 year old “shooting specialist” is having a career low season throwing up the rock standing at the current moment with a .304 field goal percentage. He is down 5 overall minutes from last year as well as just about 6 points from his overall scoring average (11.2 last year, 5.6 this year).

Michael Jordan, please get Gordon and his horrible contract out of Charlotte at the soonest possible time! Thanks!

-The entire Charlotte Bobcats fan base 

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