Quick Hits: Trade Thoughts

Quick Hits: Trade Thoughts

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Quick Hits: Trade Thoughts


I started thinking the other day… Yes I know, I shouldn’t think so much. It can get me in trouble. 😉

I was watching fans on social media suggest trades. All kinds of trades. Trades I can’t imagine ever happening because one team would get the short end of the stick. Most fan trades seem to be, “How about I give your team X and your team can give me A, B and C”. Now, X is usually not worth the other team giving up A, B and C.

Obviously fan suggested trades are biased but it got me thinking. Have any fan suggested trades actually happened?

I don’t mean Don Maloney got on twitter and saw “Trade Yandle for A, B and C” and thought to himself, “Self, that is a great trade idea, I should make that happen”. Obviously. I mean coincidentally.

If you want to see if these trades might work in the real world, try using the GM mode of NHL 14. The computer acts like the other teams GM and decides if the trade is worthy. Although it will sometimes turn down trades that happen in real life. Maybe we should have computers replace GMs..?

I doubt there is any way to keep track of this type of thing but I feel as if fan suggested trades never actually come to fruition. Even rumored trades rarely happen.

What are your thoughts on this?

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