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Museum to Give Away a DeLorean if Cubs Win

It’s a story that’s bound to be part of the baseball zeitgeist until such time as the Chicago Cubs are out of playoff contention and we all remember that “Back to the Future Part II” was just a movie.


But…should the Cubs somehow pull off the impossible (Vegas odds are currently at 14-to-1) and win the World Series, not only will their fans be insufferable, but one is going to be driving around The Windy City in a new car.

Volo Auto Museum (in Volo, Illinois) will be giving away an exhibition model 1982 DeLorean complete with all of the movie car’s props and a mock flux-capacitor.

Sure, it’s a replica DeLorean, but, still…free car!

“We thought it would be a really fun promotion for the auto museum and the Cubs. We’ve had the car here for many years, and always a crowd pleaser. So, we decided to take a bit of a risk and have fun with it,” museum director Brian Grams said. “If you win, you could travel back in time to 1908 and watch the Cubs win their last series.”

Beginning March 21, visitors to the Volo Auto Museum will be eligible to enter the contest. Entries will be accepted until the end of the 2015 season or until the Cubs are no longer competing for a spot in the playoffs.  And should the Cubs fall short, the museum will give away a prop hover board.

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