Pete Rose Endorses Donald Trump…and Vice Versa

Pete Rose Endorses Donald Trump…and Vice Versa

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Pete Rose Endorses Donald Trump…and Vice Versa

Donald Trump seems to be gathering the support of baseball players left and right as of late.

The latest? Pete Rose.

Yup, that is a “please make America great again” baseball signed by baseball’s hit king. And, as it turns out, the lovefest is mutual. Sunday, while speaking in Cincinnati, Trump sang the the praises of the Queen City’s favorite son.

“We gotta let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame,” Trump announced to the crowd.

Okay. I know what you’re thinking…the Trumpster is just pandering to whatever Reds fans might be in the crowd, but get this, this isn’t the first time Trump has stumped for baseball’s hit king. Matter of fact, by my count, it is (at the least) the SEVENTEENTH time, the Republican frontrunner has publicly supported his fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

But, hey, if you say something enough it becomes true, right?

Now….back to that baseball.

The signed ball is cute and all, but it doesn’t really prove Rose is a Trump supporter. Because, let’s not forget…dude will sign literally anything on a baseball nowadays. Remember that time he admitted to killing President Kennedy?

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