Speculation about Collison to the Knicks is nonsense

Speculation about Collison to the Knicks is nonsense

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Speculation about Collison to the Knicks is nonsense



I find it funny how the New York Knicks are “fond” of Darren Collison according to Ian Begley of ESPN.com.

The question is, which team in need of a point guard wouldn’t be “fond” of a solid basketball player who’s on a great contract (set to make $5.2 million in 2016-17) and is a consummate professional?


Every team in the NBA would love a guy like Collison. Last season, he shot 48.6 percent from the field and 40.1 percent from beyond the arc. Former Kings coach George Karl didn’t utilize him properly last season but Collison continued to stay professional, and those are the type of players you want on your team. These type of players help build a winning culture.

On top of that, he’s been very vocal about how much he loves the city of Sacramento, which is only a plus. You never once saw him not put the effort in to make Kings fans proud.

These absurd rumors will get worse as the month progresses. Another thing to ask yourself from a logical standpoint; why on earth would the Kings consider trading away their only point guard under contract without knowing the future of Rajon Rondo or Seth Curry? Does that make any sense?

Of course not because the Knicks have nothing to offer the Kings for Collison’s services and there is zero need to trade away such an underrated basketball player that has been a bright spot for the Kings and will continue to help Sacramento’s roster. It’s a non-story ladies and gentlemen.


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