Domestic violence charges filed against Collison

Domestic violence charges filed against Collison

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Domestic violence charges filed against Collison


Domestic violence charges were filed today against Sacramento Kings player Darren Collison of Granite Bay.

Here’s the official statement from the Placer County District Attorney:

The initial reports were submitted to our office for review by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office on June 1st, 2016. Our office additionally requested and received photographs of the victim’s injuries in the case and a copy of the 911 call made by the victim on May 30th, 2016. After review of the all the above evidence we have concluded there is sufficient evidence that will allow our office to file and prove this criminal case against Mr. Collison beyond a reasonable doubt.

// Here are some more details from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

“Deputies found that the woman had visible injuries and they arrested Collison on a charge of domestic violence. He was booked at the Placer County Jail in Auburn. He was additionally booked for two misdemeanor warrants, totaling $7,500, for driving on a suspended license. The name of the female victim will not be released as she’s a victim of domestic violence.”

It’s extremely unfortunate for Collison, but now that we know more about the situation, it’s unacceptable! The Kings and the NBA will look it at very seriously and should have a response sooner rather than later on this matter.

The NFL hasn’t really handled these types of situations well but the NBA has been rather consistent with other situations and I expect them to get this one right as well.


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