Tim Tebow comforts man w/heart problem on plane

Tim Tebow comforts man w/heart problem on plane


Tim Tebow comforts man w/heart problem on plane


Tim Tebow may not have been the savior we all thought he would be as an NFL quarterback, but he continues to do great things in the community and shows that he’s legitimately interested in bettering the lives of others.

Tebow has held football camps, spoke at public events and done other things that have gone on record. But there are also some memorable acts that he’s done that we haven’t heard about, and it speaks to Tebow’s humility for not going on social media to brag about them.

Most recently, we’ve been informed about what he did on a Delta flight headed to Phoenix on Sunday. An older male passenger was having a medical emergency, as he’s had a history of heart problems. Tebow said a prayer and conversed with the man’s wife to help comfort him before they landed.

Richard Gotti shared the story on Facebook.

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But he didn’t stop there. He also took the man’s wife to the airport.


One of the best stories you’ll read this week. Good on you, Timmy.

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