Steelers-Patriots Tweetcap

Steelers-Patriots Tweetcap

The Steelers N'at

Steelers-Patriots Tweetcap


The hated Patriots came to town to face a depleted Steelers team. The mood among fans was either quiet resignation or blind optimism.

The Steelers got an early turnover and things started to look good, but it was short-lived as Landry threw an interception in the end zone.

Speaking of much-maligned guys named Jones who you didn’t expect to have a good day, Jarvis did too.

Tomlin doing Tomlin things

But wait, Landry hits two passes and suddenly it’s only 14-7!

The Steelers seemingly tied the game, but a holding call nullified a touchdown…

….then Boswell missed

That whole “Timmons on Edleman” thing? Yeah, we never fixed that.

Silver lining?

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