Are You Not Entertained? Northwestern

Are You Not Entertained? Northwestern

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Are You Not Entertained? Northwestern


It surely wasn’t easy. But nothing that Ohio State does lately is.

The offense is still looking for an identity and the defense has lost that killer instinct. But at this point in the season, its all about winning.

The Buckeyes did that and should be No. 6 when the first College Football Playoffs ranking is announced Tuesday.

Can’t wait to see it. Should be an entertaining finish to the season.

Was Saturday entertaining enough for our staff? Read on …


A win: This is obvious and will never change.

A convincing win: Even up 10-0 I sensed it would be a close game.

A quick start: Buckeyes started quicker on offense, leading 10-0 early. But they still left a lot of points out there by failing to finish what seemed to be some promising drives.

Loud and proud: Quiet and embarrassing is more like it. There were empty seats at the top of C Deck and in the South Stands. The crowd was not really a factor. It was loud at times. But I’m thinking the fans were looking ahead to next week’s prime time tilt against Nebraska and saving it.

Shutout: Nope. Not even close.

No false starts: Maybe next week.


Keep the pedal to the medal: No pedal. No medal. And the Buckeyes let Northwestern hang around.

Spread the wealth: Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel got their touches and nine guys caught passes. But it didn’t seem like i

Silver Bullets be Silver Bullets: They made some plays when they needed to. But they gave up way too many yards. I don’t care how well Northwestern has been playing.


Play well: They played OK. Could have been much better.

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