Jake Arrieta Shaves Off His Trademark Beard

Jake Arrieta Shaves Off His Trademark Beard

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Jake Arrieta Shaves Off His Trademark Beard


Hair today…gone tomorrow. Or something like that.

Friday, during the Chicago Cubs victory parade through Chicago, Jake Arrieta’s lush, thick black beard was on full display for the nearly five million people who came out to cheer on their team. Two days later…dude stared Movember straight in the face and rid his face of its manliness.

That’s the 2015 National League Cy Young Award winer in the dope Van Halen shirt.


Yikes! We’re going to need a closer look.


Let’s just all be glad Arrieta waited until after Halloween to ditch the chin curtain. If not, this “Jake-o-latern” would’ve looked a lot different.


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