Reds to Honor Pete Rose with a Statue

Reds to Honor Pete Rose with a Statue

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Reds to Honor Pete Rose with a Statue


For years, Pete Rose was persona non grata in the baseball world. And while he’s still banned for life…the Hit King seems to be a little more welcome than in the past.

For the second year in a row, Rose was front and center during FOX’s postseason baseball coverage. This past summer, the Cincinnati Reds even honored their longtime player/manager by retiring his number and inducting him into their Hall of Fame.

This summer…the team is going one step further.

pete-rose“The statue of Pete Rose will be the finishing touch on the celebration of Pete here at Great American Ball Park,” Reds COO Phil Castellini said. “We had the honor of inducting him into the Reds Hall of Fame and retiring his number in 2016, and I know Pete is looking forward to his statue joining his Big Red Machine teammates on Crosley Terrace.”

Now, without getting into how absurd it is that a banned player is seemingly all over baseball, can we just look at that statue? Sure, it’s early…but that thing is going to be dope.

Immortalizing Rose’s iconic headfirst slide? Pretty effing sweet.

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