Flames working hard to find something nice to say

Flames working hard to find something nice to say

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Flames working hard to find something nice to say


As we continue our deep dive into terrible teams in the NHL so far, we turn our attention to the Calgary Flames, who are currently 5-9-1 and only ahead of Arizona in the Pacific. Remember when the Flames made a surprise trip to the playoffs a couple years ago? Even Calgary seems to have forgotten at this point.

Team home pages are essentially there as advertising for the team and putting the best face forward. They have to sell tickets and merch, after all. God bless the ad guys for terrible teams. They also have a press pool assigned to these teams that generally do a good job of recapping games and breaking news at a pace the team wants it broken. If there isn’t any news on a given day, then the sites will have some favorable puff pieces or favorable blurbs right from the PR team. Consider this article, supposedly favorable about Flames D-Man Brett Kulak, and enjoy some of these exceptionally positive quotes from the Flames.

“We’re leaning on lots of guys in there. It’s not warm and fuzzy in our locker room. He’s one of those guys.” – Glen Gulutzan

“”No one’s happy with the way things are going right now.” – Gulutzan

“”He’s young. He’s desperate.” – Gulutzan, about Kulak

“I think it’s been going okay so far.” – Kulak

“.. it’s hard for anyone to feel too good themselves. About anything, really.” Kulak again

“Things aren’t getting done right now. We’ve got to find somebody to do them.” – Gulutzan.

Calgary Flames – It’s hard to feel good about anything, really. They should put that on a t-shirt.

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