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Larry Sanders apparently worked out for the Celtics

Well.. things just got interesting.

Oh you don’t say? It’s funny that an available near-7 footer would be working out with a team that needs a near-7 footer.


On Snapchat, Sanders confirms that he had his first NBA workout since leaving the NBA to deal with personal and mental health issues. In his snap story he says

I had a really good workout today with a team. My first one but it was really good.. so.. I can’t tell you want team.. it was good.

The snap before it, though…


So yeah, Sanders was in Boston for a workout that went well. The Celtics do have the ability to bring him on if they want… they just have to waive someone like James Young (who is out of here anyway) and they could either go the 10-day contract route, or they could use some of their $2.9 million room exception.

The point is, they have options. They could those options to bring Sanders on for the rest of the year at no risk (provided there is no blockbuster trade in the works) to see how he’d do. If they like him, and there’s no superstar signing in the offseason, they could keep him. If not, then he’s free to go sign with whomever long-term.

Looks like we’ve got a new name to watch over the next month or so.

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John Karalis is the co-founder of He is a graduate of Emerson College, and was a four-year starter on the Emerson College Men's Basketball team. He is the school's all-time leading rebounder, among its top five scorers, and the first player in school history to play professionally (Greece). Professionally, John has worked in television and media for more than 20 years, and has been covering the NBA and the Boston Celtics for more than 11.

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