Free Agent Quarterbacks

Free Agent Quarterbacks

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Free Agent Quarterbacks


As I sit in a crowded restaurant at the bar sipping on an IPA I figure this is the best time to think. Life’s purpose? No. How Federal income tax is illegal?  A little but no. How The OA wasn’t actually good but everyone swears it was? Yes!  No no wait. What I’m really thinking about is the free agent quarterbacks that need a home and the odd places they may end up.

Jay Cutler –

Where did the time go. One night he’s throwing a perfect game and the next he’s looking like the next coming of well… Jay Cutler. He has been a parasite for the Bears and cannot stay healthy but he is a capable quarterback when he’s not throwing a fit nor injured. The Jets seem to have a ton of interest in him and while this isn’t the worst pickup for them it also isn’t the best. Cutler in my opinion should find a team competing and consider that he has his best shot being a backup.

Mike Glennon –

I honestly don’t know why teams haven’t picked him up yet. For his half season in 2013 he had 19 touchdowns with 9 interceptions and a horrid team around him. He’s a learner, he can win you games but he’s a bit goofy looking. So if you want a capable NFL quarterback who’s young and has a boatload of talent, you should pick him up. The Jets showed interest(of course) as they have with most of the FA quarterbacks and this is the one they should get. I see a solid future for Glennon.

Jimmy Garappolo –

Now, rumors have it that the Pats have zero interest in trading them, as they shouldn’t, but say he were to be traded. His 2 and a half games starting the kid looked like the next coming of Brady. Then he got hurt and Jacoby Brissett came in and…won a game?  Destroyed even?  Garappolo reminds me of Matt Flynn and when he is an FA next year my point will be proven. The system works and it works wonders.

Tyrod Taylor –

Buffalo may hold onto him as they should. Cardale is not ready yet and Ej Manuel seems to have regressed. Honestly I like Manuel a lot and think Tyrod is only a more athletically gifted Manuel, but many disagree. The Browns have showed interest but Tyrod isn’t the type QB they need. T-Mobile will have a job no matter what next year.

Colin Kaepernick –

I mean… what else is there to say about him?  He’s lost some of his throwing power, he’s called so much attention to himself on things that don’t involve football. I see a potential landing spot being the Bears and then him not beating out Hoyer for the starting job because Hoyer is like a virus. Starts hot only to get flushed out.

Tony Romo –

Denver seems to be heavily involved in talked with Romo and my biggest question is why?  Romo is one hit away from being permanently injured and not being able to wake up without being in pain. He has been, in my opinion, one of the most underrated QBs in the league but now his time has passed. If he can’t stay healthy with the most talented line in the NFL he can’t stay healthy anywhere.

Many teams need a QB and these were my thoughts on this circus of a free agency.  All in all the only one I see being successful is Glennon solely because he’s getting a fresh start and was never tainted by terrible play.

This article was written by Joey Bua

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