Adam Wainwright Provides Rental Car For Cardinals Prospect

Adam Wainwright Provides Rental Car For Cardinals Prospect

St. Louis Cardinals

Adam Wainwright Provides Rental Car For Cardinals Prospect


<![CDATA[I moved from the St. Louis area to western Kentucky for college.

Didn't have many goals for my continuing "education” beyond wanting to join a fraternity. So after the one semester mandatory waiting session, I ‘rushed’.

Maybe you joined a fraternity (or sorority) in college. And if you did, you’d know that there are very few people that enter into the process that are a blank slate. Normally someone knew a buddy of yours from high school. Or they knew a relative of yours. Or you had some sort of reputation that preceded yourself. But 99% of the time, the fraternity (or sorority) that you are rushing would have at least some sort of an idea about you.

When I moved I didn’t have a car.

I was able to walk most places just fine. But things outside of campus were not all that convenient. Public transportation was negligible after rush hours. Uber didn’t exist. And weenie freshman like myself didn’t have a huge pool of buddies to bum rides off of.

Anyway, the fraternity that I wanted to join had their first couple events at locations that were off-campus. So I walked to them.

Didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, but I remember one active member in the house being astonished that I walked (probably about a mile or so) to this pizza joint just for the event. Granted, I was even more nonathletic looking at the time…

I get a bid. I go through pledge-ship. I become an active member. And months later, I’m talking to some people about the bid process for my pledge class. Turns out that since I wasn’t from Kentucky, didn’t have any friends in the Greek system and didn’t have a ton of friends around campus… when my name came up for a vote? The only thing anyone had to say was ‘dude walked like a mile or something to get to the pizza event’.

Some other dude was like ‘sounds like he wants this pretty bad’. Everyone else kind of agreed and – boom – I’m in.


This hadn’t crossed my mind for years until I saw the story of  Cardinals prospect Ryan Sherriff.

Sherriff is a non-roster invitee to Cardinals spring training this year. Minor league baseball players don’t make much money, so while Ryan had a place to stay in Jupiter, he didn’t have an easy way to get around.

So he walked. And people noticed.

Will the additional time that Mr. Sherriff now gets to spend on the practice fields instead of hossing a duffel across southeast Florida get him to the show faster? I promise you that punny headline writers are salivating for the day he gets the call, but time will tell.

For now, we’ll just enjoy this budding bromance.


Makes things happen.

Also looks like Mr. Sherriff’s Twitter lessons with CMart have started up too…

Photo: Rentalcar Algarve


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