A Redesign Of The 'Not My World Champs' T-Shirt

A Redesign Of The 'Not My World Champs' T-Shirt

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A Redesign Of The 'Not My World Champs' T-Shirt


<![CDATA[At the end of last week, Joe Sports Fan made some news with the release of a new t-shirt:


Cubs fans, as expected, noticed.

It’s an amusing shirt.

I’ve seen better. I’ve seen worse. But – personally – I don’t know if you’re not going to be mistaken for a Cubs fan.

If you wear this down to Busch Stadium or Wrigley Field, my gut is telling me that people are just going to see the ‘World Champs’ and the Cubs logo, process it for like .2 seconds and move on – content that you’re a Cubs fan and proud of your team’s accomplishment in 2016.


Can’t risk it.

So I’ve created an alternative design that I hope the boys at Joe Sports Fan will consider making:


I believe the red shirt with big, bold Calibri font in white will still be true to the original message of the JSF shirt while also eliminating any concern of accidentally labeling yourself a Cubs fan.

Just a thought.

Photo: MLB


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